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    Saturday, March 14

    by , 03-15-2020 at 06:25 AM (360 Views)
    I am on a boat with most of the family I think. It is a passenger boat with seating up top (like the boat we went on in Maui), and seems to be travelling pretty fast. I am holding a very full cup of coffee, somehow balancing and not spilling it. I notice the thin layer of froth on top and think itís miraculous that itís not spilling in these conditions. I think we now either pick up speed and/or it becomes very windy, because Iím finding it hard to just stay on the boat without holding on. Finally, I succumb and am tossed over the railing. I think I am able to strongly swim some of the way back, but theyíll have to come back for me.

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    Tags: boat, coffee, water