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    Saturday, November 12

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:38 PM (124 Views)
    I am outside somewhere - it seems like a backyard. I feel like I am at work and have nothing to do. Cassie is here and has me go over to help her unload my ‘PC’. It is a desk and computer for myself, my first one here. She almost seems like she’s doing this begrudgingly, or maybe she’s just not invested in things pertaining to here. We unload this from the back of a truck, and it’s just four black plastic rectangles, maybe 3’ by 5’ each. She grabs all four in the center of each in their grid arrangement, and I help guide them. We carry them over to a long, low dirt mound near a wooden fence (*This reminds me of the old house’s backyard). It is dark out. It is going to be set up on this dirt mound. There’s a spot that isn’t quite even, so I grab a shovel to fix it. Now the computer is set up, and I’m looking at security camera recordings. I think that I can just do loss prevention things when I have nothing else to do.

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