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    Saturday, November 30

    by , 12-04-2019 at 11:28 PM (82 Views)
    I am at work when I see that in the Sephora there is a small stage and on it is the Jerry Garcia Band. I sort of wander in and observe the scene. The crowd is very sparse, which at first I find sad, but then think that it makes sense given the location. They all look like they could be homeless, fairly dirty and carrying bags. The band seems to be in the middle of a song, and the music sounds sparse and sort of spacey. I notice that Amber is leaning over Jerry’s shoulder, talking to him as he noodles on the guitar. His expression seems equally engaged and amused with both of those things going on. The stage seems larger and less inside Sephora? now, and I am right up front. The bass player is the bass player for Melvin Seals and JGB. They are tuning between songs now and I call out “mission!” For ‘Mission in the Rain’. They hear it but don’t seem too impressed with me calling out suggestions, so I then say “anything you want” a little less loudly and more self consciously.

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