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    Saturday, September 12

    by , 12-02-2020 at 06:18 AM (122 Views)
    I am on what seems to be a speed boat. The boat also seems very long and flat. We seem to be going rather fast over the open water (the ocean?) We are not too far away from the shore though. There is something about us being on the way to see Dead and Company and/or John Mayer driving the boat. I think about how I’ve seen Dead and Co in the middle of the desert and will now see them out in the middle of water, impressed by this. (I’m envisioning a scene of them set up out in the sand - by Las Vegas? - with no stage or crowd). I’ve been standing on this boat, and there’s a guy standing next to me. I wait until we’ve arrived to strike up conversation. I ask if he’s ever surfed? In an English accent he says ‘just now’ or something similar. Now, I am swimming.

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