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    Saturday, September 3

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:36 PM (137 Views)
    I am in some unfamiliar house, I think with Melissa. It seems like itís some time over the night and like weíre staying here by some last minute arrangement. I think there may be 1-2 others staying here as well. Iíve gotten up to use the bathroom and from the hallway I can actually see 1-2 (the house is very large and opulent). I think one of the others staying here, an unfamiliar girl, has just used one of them. I donít go to one of these, but go to find another (I think the master bath). Thereís a small opening in the wall with a fairly steep and slightly twisting incline. Itís narrow and mostly unassuming; when I get to the top of it, the giant bathroom is revealed to me. It is larger than my entire apartment, every amenity luxuriantly spread out. It is immaculate, light tile and soft lighting. There is a circular opening in one of the the walls; I slide through head first and am deposited into a swimming pool size bathtub. The water is silky and perfectly body temperature, dreamily blending into the walls. There is a picture window with a view of the city (the house seems very high up).

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