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    Saturday, September 30

    by , 11-03-2023 at 11:23 PM (53 Views)
    Iím in what feels like downtown, trying to park. Iím also driving an unfamiliar car, so my perception is skewed, such as feeling closer to things than I probably really am. I drive down a narrow street with a sidewalk and various other things right next to it with nothing between. It feels like I drive really close to an Asian woman standing on the sidewalk, even though I probably am not. Now, Iím about to drive down a small hill, looking for parking. Thereís a line forming to the left; I go around it to the right. I then realize this way is for people who have paid for parking already, and I know that. I donít find a space, but I do after I circle around once. Now, Iím in what feels like a large house. Thereís a long hallway with multiple bedrooms off of it. It feels like each room is more like a hotel room. Melissa and I have the one on the end. It is a fairly luxurious room. We are on the bed. With a purple pen, I start drawing lines on her pubic area.
    *I did drive through town yesterday and pulled my car out of a space near a Black woman sitting on something on the sidewalk right by the street. I wasnít that close to her, but I wondered if she thought I was going to be. I also drove once around the block before finding a parking space.

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    Tags: driving, house