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    Sunday, April 16

    by , 05-20-2023 at 03:45 AM (120 Views)
    I am outside somewhere - outdoor seating at a restaurant? - with some unfamiliar adults and C.J. Box (he doesn’t look like he does in real life). There is going to be an author event at work with him. He has a calm demeanor and is very laid-back and down to earth. Melissa is here too. He asks how much I read, to which I reply with a chuckle and a “a lot.” Melissa adds that I come home and “[something as a term for burning through books]”, miming me opening a book for humorous effect. He chuckles. Now, him and I are in the backyard of a house. It seems very … we’re sitting on a picnic style table, for … my dogs are here (they don’t look the same?). I ask him if he reads or writes more.
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