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    Sunday, August 4

    by , 08-10-2019 at 06:53 PM (55 Views)
    I’m with Laynie, and it’s like we’re at work, but right now we are on a street corner. There is a video monitor up on a pole, and I’m trying to pull back video on it. It ends up stopping on just someone’s feet, which we think is kind of funny. I briefly ponder the implications of leaving our recorded video playing for everyone to see. I think it’d be beneficial, but there’s no doubt someone would be offended. I now try to log out, pressing control, alt, and delete. We now cross the street and I see, on the other side of the street, a building that must be our work. It looks low and long, a glossy dark navy/grey, and more organic than not. I notice a sketchy seeming black lady who I think just got dropped off. She hesitates and then enters the building. I look over to Laynie, but she’s noticed her also. We enter the building but stall for a minute so as to give her just a little space initially. We’ve gone to the right and into a room that has a long, grey, ovular table (it may actually be a horseshoe shape, with empty space in the middle) with two men sitting towards the end. There is another video monitor, which I tap with a pen or something, just pretending to be doing something on it. The man seated facing more towards it sees this and chuckles, saying “kids.” I just laugh along with him and his limited perception, his not knowing what we’re really doing. We now enter the Sephora here and see the girl pretty much right away. She notices us also. We are not even near her or overtly watching her when she ends up by us, saying that she feels like she’s being watched. I reply quite lengthily, telling her that there are plenty of other people in here shopping that don’t feel like they’re being watched. I also tell her that I’ve been watched before while shopping but still bought what I was looking for, though I’m not sure that’s actually happened to me. She seems to understand, but still leaves without buying anything. I see her meet up with a white girl who also has a black purse. There is a sort of hallway or foyer between the Sephora and the glass doors to the outside. There’s then a small bit of pavement before a large, lush lawn. At the end of the pavement, they each throw a pair of shoes or sandals into a trashcan. I notice they’re both still wearing sandals, so I think they must’ve switched into new ones. I linger in the foyer and notice a black car parked in the shade of some trees near the top of the sloping lawn. The girls double back, but so have I, so that they see me walking past, but not overly suspiciously so.

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    Tags: stealing, work