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    Sunday, December 11

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:44 PM (206 Views)
    Iím at a casino - it sort of feels like Bordertown. Iím here for a pool tournament, I think with people from work. Iíve been parked for a moment and sure enough I see Ethan S. walk past. I notice heís only wearing jeans and a t-shirt, one of the ones he always wears, even though itís cold out. I decide to follow him because I donít know exactly where Iím going, but heís gone by the time I get out of my car because heís walking so quickly. Iím inside now, and itís a very nice casino. It has the feel of a hotel. I go upstairs, where I meet Dad. There is a buffet here and we get some food and then a table. At the table are Ethan S. and cousin Kassidy. I introduce Dad and Ethan S. doesnít make eye contact while slapping his hands down on the table. Iím now at the pool table, which is in a small room that has a couple of doors around it. They are for each player to go into so the one currently playing can be alone. Julia is here now too. I end up being solids and make quite a few highly unlikely shots in a row.

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    Tags: casino, food