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    Sunday, January 20

    by , 02-02-2019 at 11:59 PM (294 Views)
    I am walking along a fairly busy sidewalk when a larger black man wearing grey sweatpants and a darker sweatshirt starts to come up to me, asking for spare change. I sort of feel like I have to oblige, but instead of giving him some, I ask if he’s hungry and tell him to come with me. I kind of get the impression that he just wanted the money instead. He seems quiet and despondent. I ask what he’s hungry for, and he mutters ‘chicken’. I start to go to a McDonald’s because I know there’s one close. When we get there, he gravitates towards a black lady about his age (late 30s?) who also appears homeless. They start talking, and I’m pretty sure I leave because he’s no longer paying attention to me.

    I am parking in what looks like the Beer Nv parking lot. I back into one of the staggered spaces, noticing a truck in one of the spaces behind me taking up almost most of its space. When I get out, I see a thin layer of snow or frost and also that I’ve backed in perfectly. I can see that the car is equidistant from each side, as well as the front and back. I see a woman walking around, tapping kind of forcefully on cars. She is checking them for something as if she’s some kind of authority. There are others here; they comment on her lack of uniform or identification. The communal fervor bolsters assurance, but a sense of just what to do about it is still lacking. I am now sitting in my car, and she’s trying to talk to me through the closed window. I ask her for identification and she ignores it. I think she’s slightly irked that I leave my window up but knows she can’t do anything about it. I think she’s wearing black cargo pants and a dark/black sweatshirt. I simply press my license up to the window. There are some papers on the passenger seat, receipts and other car care records. One of them is a receipt for gas I just got; I press it up to the window facetiously.

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    1. Harmony's Avatar

      Wow, I found the second half of this dream to be incredibly funny lol. What an odd situation! The last line was one of the best parts too, haha. Thanks for sharing this!
    2. rshort1202's Avatar
      Glad you got a kick out of what my brain produced while I was asleep. It did have a sort of campy humor to it, especially the last line, like you mentioned.