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    Sunday, June 14

    by , 06-16-2020 at 11:41 PM (179 Views)
    I am outside with some people from work. From where we are, we can see downtown. It is fairly far away, but close enough to make out one building from another. There is a sense of something happening or about to happen. I say ‘I want some action’ and then start to regret my words as what looks and sounds like fireworks starts going off among all the buildings. I realize they are not fireworks, but explosions, their thick grey clouds lingering. I think we’ll be safe out here, until I hear and see mini explosions approaching rapidly in a straight line. I see they are actually shots fired from a helicopter. They pass close enough that were the line of them a few feet closer they easily would’ve taken us out. Kyle from work casually says not to go downtown for a while. She says that the people there have guns and will be fighting back. I think Mom is downtown and I am flooded with worry, imagining all the carnage.

    I am at what I think is Disneyland with Melissa and her mom. There is a tiny parking lot, an ‘L’ shape with maybe 12 spaces, where at least one person has parked between two spaces. I think I comment on this. Now I am parking a small motorized something that I stand upon. I reverse and nose back in a few times, trying to get it perfectly straight. Her mom tells me ‘that’s probably good.’ There is some dense green foliage around the lot and I think around a small body of water.

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