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    Sunday, September 26

    by , 04-16-2022 at 07:38 PM (83 Views)
    It is snowing. I am outside with Julia and possibly someone else, and it feels like weíre at work even though weíre outside on the side of a road. It is dark out, though the snow is producing some glow from the reflected light. I think itís the first of the season, and itís really coating everything nicely. I then get excited and ask Julia if I can take a ten minute break. She says yes, she knows this is my favorite. I start walking up the road, wearing a long sleeve with the sleeves rolled, conscious that most would be wearing a lot more than this. This area looks like Dadís neighborhood. Iím starting to hike up the hill, and I think I pass through a house. What Iím walking on now transitions into a dark wood staircase. At one of the landings there is a box of Nature Valley granola bars. I take and start eating one. I feel pretty out of shape

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    Tags: food, snow