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    Thursday, April 20

    by , 05-20-2023 at 03:48 AM (81 Views)
    I am staying in some hotel. There is a main bedroom and a smaller one as well as a bathroom or two. The walls are an older style of wood paneling. In the smaller bedroom, there are kids clothes in the closet and other things about, as if someoneís just cleared the visible areas. I now realize that Iím staying in someoneís house. I call Melissa and tell her this. I also end up talking to the owner - she seems like a middle aged, single mom with a kid of 5 or so. Sheís said that heís just going to do one activity and then the room will be all clean. She is nice and genuine, so I feel bad about staying here. Iím now looking at the view of the horizon from here. There are rocky peaks in the distance and beautiful green land in the foreground. A glowing, orange sunset makes for an inspiring scene. I tell her it reminds me of Frenchmans back home.

    Iím walking through New York City, trying to find a restaurant. Iím in what feels like a really long indoor strip mall. I get glimpses of the city street outside and end up walking through all of it more than once.
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