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    Thursday, April 22

    by , 06-16-2021 at 09:26 PM (35 Views)
    I am with Makayla in what looks like Dad’s neighborhood. It looks very similar except that it’s on a fairly steep hill. We’re walking around an exposed bend and through a red truck’s window I see the silhouette of a female figure. She appears to be putting on clothes, or at least that’s what it looks like from my brief glimpse. We get closer and I see that it’s a young girl and boy (~10?) in the truck, and after a moment I wonder how that could be. Now, we are past the neighborhood. This area looks like open Nevada desert with slight ravines here and there. Down in one of the larger ones I notice a house. It looks like the past’s idea of something futuristic - sleek and vertical pipes/tubes, slightly sprawling and complex. I think this one is all a dull red. There is really nothing on or around it that would designate it a house. The whole feeling of and around it is lifeless. I think we pass a few more odd structures that I label ‘house’. I think or say something like ‘oh Nevada, you’re so weird.’ There is now a large rock pile visible at the top of a slight incline. It looks like red rock and/or granite and is maybe 30 feet tall. They’re arranged so there is an open space beneath them. I briefly see someone passing through this space, overriding the thought of being completely alone out here. We approach it and see that there are a few ornamentations on it, one being a series of steel rungs to form a ladder. I climb up a few, turn around and hang from one arm, lifting my shirt to just above the nipple, telling Makayla to take a picture. I think I’m making fun of Ziah? A few people, a type I definitely wouldn’t associate with, arrive, and Makayla is instantly preoccupied with them. This kind of annoys me. I’m in the open space beneath the rocks now, and it is filled with different stickers, posters, pictures, writing, etc. It is strange and I really like it. I am alternately wearing a mask, wearing it below my chin, and holding it at my side. I notice a man without a mask walks in with a baby stroller. He’s now with a woman in the corner of the ‘room.’ There is a window above them and a man tapping at the outside of it, apparently to get their attention. I look at the man and point to the couple (*though this makes no sense, as he’s already seen them).

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    Tags: house, mask, truck