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    Thursday, August 3

    by , 09-16-2023 at 09:20 PM (105 Views)
    Melisa and I have moved into a new house (Iím not sure if thereís any concept of our current house or not). Iím in what seems to be a bedroom - the place feels small, like rooms blend together. Iím up on the bed, which is level with a window. It overlooks a gravel lot. There is a parked, dark gray truck and 1-2 other cars. Thereís also a house across the way, though I think I donít actually ever see it. I do know that we feel like the neighbor, Mike, is watching us. He sits in the front seat of the truck, reclining slightly as if heís napping, but I catch him looking through this window a few times. I use a pair of binoculars and quickly lower them when we make eye contact through them. We think that he could just be wanting to meet us, since he hasnít yet. Now, a lady sets out a stack of six packs of Sierra Nevada Summerfest with a sign that says 2 for $10 (I think itís referring to cans). Another guy (another neighbor, I think) appears and grabs a beer with the other guy. I think that they are coming over to meet me.

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    Tags: beer, house