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    Thursday, January 17

    by , 02-02-2019 at 11:53 PM (587 Views)
    I am inside somewhere. There are 1-2 others here; I think they may be familiar [on second thought, they may be strangers - I canít remember for sure, as I write this later in the day]. This is one room. It is large, cathedralesque, and has the impression of being somewhat ancient. I think there are tan stone pillars set against the walls. The far wall may be curved. It is dark enough for corners to be lost in deep shadows. Thereís a body of water in here, the dark obscuring too its depth. There is a man here, closer to the far wall. He is white and Iím pretty sure bald and bare-chested. I think that he is going to really harm one of us (or Melissa?) in one way or another. Itís almost like this is some demented game and/or we canít escape. We are/will be fighting him. There is blood dripping from one of my hands (*I noticed a cut on my knuckle last night and didnít know how it got there). There is blood coming from elsewhere too (at this point, it almost looks more like a scene from a movie and like the blood may be on the lens?) I think this man ends up taking Melissa. There is now a screen that is playing a video of psychedelic visuals with weird and slightly disconcerting sounds. I and someone else watch this; it goes on for a while until finally we fast forward it. As it scrolls, I can see it continued until abruptly ending in end credits. Now, I am outside somewhere. This place feel familiar (possibly just in the dream). I think this is the Bay Area. There is a body of water, placid and sort of grey. It surrounds a chunk of land on which grows a large tree with pronounced roots. On the far side of the water is a small dirt bluff, out of which protrudes the end of a tube/pipe. A naked body suddenly slips out of it and into the water. It is Melissa, and she has a black blindfold on. I go grab her and carry her to land. She has come to now, and I talk to her. From what I gather, the weird psychedelic visuals were what she was seeing as she was passed out on the way from wherever to the end of the pipe.

    Melissa and I are lying in a bed. Thereís a little bed to our left and on it are three little kids. I think they are ours. They seem joyful and content and around three years old.

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    1. Harmony's Avatar

      This one is sort of terrifying. And I was going to say trippy even before it became much more literally so. At least it ended on an easy note!
    2. rshort1202's Avatar
      Thanks for taking the time to delve into my dreaming mind and leave a reply. Forgive me, but you've addressed the reply to Lydia; was that supposed to end up somewhere else? I'm assuming the reply was still meant for this dream, as it seems to fit, so I'll reply back anyway.
      I agree with your sentiments. I really don't feel too much emotion in dreams (this one no exception) though certain dreams do leave a lingering feeling, this being one. It felt disturbing to recall and write. It seems to me to contain archetypes that so resonate with some sort of primal fear or terror. It is trippy too, though I think it funny that that part was most likely simply inspiring by my watching a psychedelic video the day prior.