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    Thursday, January 2

    by , 01-03-2020 at 08:01 PM (146 Views)
    I am at Momís house. I step outside and it feels like itís the middle of the night, though it is not extremely dark. I can see frost and my breath, but I do not feel cold even though Iím not even wearing shoes or a shirt. When Iím walking back up to the house, I notice a car pulling up. At first I think itís Ryanís truck. When I get inside, I notice Mom is up and making food. I either ask or just find out that it is one of her guy friends outside. She ends up going out and leaving with him.

    I am by the river. It is very full, as if flooded. It goes up to almost the top of the arches on a stone bridge, upon which people are jumping in from. I notice an older couple, completely nude. I notice the manís penis, short but thicker, slightly standing out from his pubic hair.

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