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    Thursday, January 26

    by , 05-05-2023 at 11:19 PM (135 Views)
    I am getting a new tattoo. Im seeing Jordan (the guy who did my why not tattoo). I think I have asked for something that is definitely not what I am currently getting. Looking down, I see that hes completed a simple rectangle taking up most of my left calf, at a slight angle. The lines are thin and impossibly straight. Nobody that I show this new tattoo seems to like it. I notice that I have a few small tattoos on my legs and think that the rectangle is fitting.

    I am going to hike Half Dome. Options for someone going with me are Melissa and Ethan S. from work. They both end up [missing] out on me. I accept that Ill be going along and then start to worry about the time started around 5:30am last time. I notice that Im wearing fairly short shorts and a button up t shirt. Im now outside and Aunt Anna shows up in their brown truck. She has a dozen or more large bottles of hard alcohol for a get together and asks me if it looks like too much. I visualize the amount in one (whisky) and start to think that yes, it is.
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