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    Thursday, July 8

    by , 08-12-2021 at 06:24 AM (185 Views)
    I am in New Jersey with Melissa. It feels like we’re with a tour group but also her aunt. We go to a bar, I think for just one drink, and then quickly onto another one. I humorously ask if we’re just doing a New Jersey bar crawl. I am up to the counter in this place, a long, dark wood counter with plush, red bar stools, and notice the two or so bartenders help pretty much everyone except me. They even look right at me once or twice. It does occur to me that I could speak up as well. A kinda nerdy looking guy seated to my left confidently orders a ‘fancy Russian.’ I want to know what this entails and think it’s a weird coincidence, as I’m trying to get a Black Russian. The female bartender pours what looks like hot coffee into a glass more the size of a vase. She (or ‘he’ now?) then sprays the surrounding area with something; I think he’s going to light the drink on fire. I notice that some of the stuff behind the counter looks like kitchen equipment. I think about initiating conversation with this guy to my left but don’t. I think I finally order my drink, way down at the other end of the bar by the doors, and just before it seems like we’re about to leave.

    (this feels like it could be part of the last dream). I’m with Melissa in a large bed at her aunt’s house? Nicola from work is also in this bed, on the far end, and rolls over to sleep. Melissa and I begin having sex and I come on a shirt or something - there is a lot, multiple puddles of it. We then hear a noise and pause, listening. Someone is coming, so we each quickly grab a blanket to cover ourselves. Melissa’s mom walks in (there is no door, just a hallway to the room) as Melissa is on all fours still reaching for a blanket. She is wearing a thong, so most of her ass is exposed. I wonder if her mom even sees this and if she does that she’ll find anything weird with it.

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    Tags: bar, sex