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    Thursday, June 1

    by , 08-19-2023 at 08:58 PM (90 Views)
    I am in a house with Zoe. A man approaches the door, and Zoe takes it as a threat. More serious than Iíve ever seen her, she draws a handgun and approaches the door, pistol held down with straight arms. I think there is a brief interaction, and then I see that he has some kind of rifle. They donít reach an amicable decision and instead begin firing at each other. Each shoots many rounds; the exchange seems it should be way more deadly given the separation of only a few feet and a screen door. I see Stella outside the door and go get involved. The gunshots are very quiet and I can just about see the bullets move through the air. Some even hit Stella, and she seems unaffected. The man is now on the ground, face up, and now I shoot him. I shoot him multiple times in the face. Each shot causes a small gore, yet he continues slowly talking, taunting. I become exasperated and finally after a few more bullets, he quiets.

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