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    Thursday, June 21

    by , 08-15-2018 at 07:17 PM (136 Views)
    I am at Melissa’s house. Outside, the front of it looks the same or at least has the same layout, but the inside is different. Her mom is here with us too, and I think we are helping her with something. We go into a small room/pantry to put something away. I either lift Melissa up or she lifts herself up, but she sits up on something so she is a little higher up than me. She is completely nude, and I start kissing down her body. I start at her belly and go as low as I can with her legs being together. I make it down to the patch of slight stubble. I think we are going to go back out now, and I am cognizant of how much time we have spent in here for just putting something away.

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    Tags: naked