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    Thursday, May 16

    by , 06-21-2019 at 08:27 PM (49 Views)
    I am going to Starbucks with Brittney and I think one other. It is dark out. Im not sure if were walking or driving, but either my leg or arm is pressed up slightly against Brittney. Her back feels hard and slightly warm through the soft shirt. Earlier, I had gone to a different Starbucks to pick up a mobile ordered Americano. I saw a tall cup about full that looked like the right color and with a little froth on top. I was impressed with how good it looked, but discovered that it was a hot chocolate after taking a few sips. I felt a little ashamed for assuming. We now enter the Starbucks and see Blake working. He casually greets us and points us to the right to mobile order pickup. The building seems low, long, and somewhat industrial and dim. We go to the pickup, and Blake comes over and begins making the drinks. He is now more friendly with us, striking up conversation. He is wearing shorter shorts and either no shirt or a see-through shirt/tank top? I notice his chest hair, brunette on his whole chest and torso, contouring his body.

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    Tags: coffee, starbucks