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    Thursday, May 28

    by , 06-07-2020 at 05:32 AM (259 Views)
    I am outside somewhere - it feels like an outdoor shopping mall or a boardwalk. I’m walking to a restaurant when I see Alex and Daylen. They walk over and we talk for a bit. I go into the restaurant now, more of a counter service place (maybe a MyPie?). It seems dim and there is a long, double backed line of people, spaced apart by pieces of large white tape on the grey polished concrete floor. I notice that everyone in here is around 16-18 and immediately feel out of place. Despite their age, I can tell they are from this certain generation by the way they’re dressed and talking (*This reminds me of the barista last night that I thought was a pretty stereotypical example of the younger-than-me generation).

    It seems really early in the morning (dawn or just before), and I’m walking up to some chain food place. I order two black hot coffees, just assuming Brittney is coming to meet me. When I text her, she says she’s already getting coffee somewhere. I finish mine, which actually has milk/flavor, and start on the other. The coffee is good for a place that doesn’t specialize in coffee.

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