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    Thursday, November 4

    by , 05-04-2022 at 11:25 PM (81 Views)
    I am going to design a house for someone (for Kreg - for a class?) It starts with me not wanting to, but I then take interest in it. I start sketching a pool thatís pre-existing or being added to the yard while I talk to Kreg on the phone. Itís long and narrow, with some angular changes that seem to only be for aesthetic. This lot is also long and narrow - only 30 feet wide. I am now on the phone with Zoe and telling her this. I tell her that the average house is that wide, without including the setbacks. I get the idea that Iíll have to design this house long and tall. It may be in a mountainous setting, as Iím imagining it with a cabin look. I imagine the second floor protruding on the back side to cover a patio, possibly with a hot tub. Now it seems as if Iím actually at this house, pretty much how Iíve been envisioning it. Iím showing it to some unfamiliar guy about my age. It is pretty impressive, long and low, dim and with plenty of dark wood.

    I am at what seems like the GSR or something similar with Brittney. It is somewhat crowded, and masks are not a concept in this dream. I think weíre going to get a beer at one of the places here. The tap handles at the first place Iím not impressed with, so I suggest going to the other one across the way. There were three taps of domestic beer and then a bottle of what looked like a German beer but that I wasnít sure about. At the place across the hallway space I notice at least two good taps - Revision and something else. I think we get drinks there, and now weíre taking them into a restaurant. The guy here questions our age, I guess because weíre bringing in alcohol?

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