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    Thursday, November 5

    by , 12-17-2020 at 06:44 AM (87 Views)
    I am with an unfamiliar tattoo artist and about to get a tattoo of a seahorse on my left arm. The guy is middle aged or younger, shorter, and stocky, I think with a short grey beard/stubble. Hes casual and easy-going. This shop seems smaller, and were the only ones in it. We talk about the tattoo, and I ask if I can sketch it out. He passes over a piece of paper that already has a few drawings, in squared off areas, on it. I start sketching on the bottom right, recalling the shape and features as I go. I think its turning out pretty well. Were now looking at where itll go on my arm, right on my trice, the only remaining space between quite a few color tattoos that are already there.

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    Tags: tattoo