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    Thursday, September 3

    by , 12-02-2020 at 06:15 AM (84 Views)
    I am outside with someone else, I think Melissa. The landscape is desert and slight hills. It is also full of lots of small hot spring pools. They look inviting and just the right depth. I think weíre looking for the perfect one for us.

    Iím at what seems to be a small get together in a backyard. A pipe is being passed around and when it gets to me I decline because I think there will be something happening that I donít exactly want to be high for. I then loosen up and/or succumb to the pressure and take a hit. It looks like this pipe is lit from below and the smoke inhaled from a few inches above the small bowl, all within a second or two. Shortly after, I feel the warm, fuzzy effects. Now, Iím inside, and the pipe looks more like a squat and not very clean bong. I am intermittently taking hits from it. I think there are a few other guys in this somewhat plain house. I think there is a sense of hiding what Iím doing.

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    Tags: smoking, water, weed