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    Tuesday, April 18

    by , 05-20-2023 at 03:46 AM (135 Views)
    Brittney is showing me and Melissa her new apartment/house - I forget which she refers to it as. It looks more like an apartment complex, though maybe only one level. She has a neighbor to the right, the front doors right next to each other. I have a dog bone? and for some reason think it belongs to this neighbor. Trying the door and finding it unlocked, I quickly open it, set the bone inside, and close it. It was dark in there but I also think someone was in there, at a desk facing the wall. We go into Brittney’s now. I think she’s referred to it as a one bedroom, and it is. It is just a white, square room. It has … and two large beds, each in a corner to the left. I don’t notice a kitchen or a bathroom.
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    Tags: apartment, house