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    Tuesday, August 29

    by , 11-03-2023 at 10:18 PM (42 Views)
    ím in what seems like a small Leeís or craft beer store (about the size of a classroom). They have some featured on the walls and larger packages down on the floor. It seems like the ones displayed are not also found on the floor. Some guy is on the phone, telling someone about how itís confusing. Among the couple of others here, I see Rob. I think that he doesnít see me. Now, this same space is a bookstore. Melissa is with me as I shop. Iíve grabbed a few hardcover books but now, going through them, decide to put almost all of them back, as they just look like very generic mystery thrillers. I reshelve some that go nearby and just stack the others that donít (I think that somebody else working here can put them away for a change). Now I see Kris and Rob and we talk briefly. They then sit down with two or so people Iíve never seen before - their other family, I guess - and Kris starts a prayer before they do something.

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    Tags: beer, store