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    Tuesday, July 21

    by , 10-27-2020 at 04:16 AM (238 Views)
    I am somewhere that seems to be near Frenchmans. Thereís an older, small, wooden building here that I think is a bookstore. I must be working here. An older man comes in, looking for something specific. I donít think we find it. I retreat into a small office, but he follows. Thereís a framed something on the wall and he gets excited at seeing it. I think itís what heís looking for because he tries to take it out of the frame. I try to tell him he canít do that or even be in here. He gives up and leaves. Iím outside now (it definitely looks like Chilcoot) and an older man is asking me ďwhereís Frenchmans?Ē ďThe lake?Ē I ask. He says yes. I tell him to go right on this road in front of this building and then right on another road. He nods and thanks me, but another older guy with a large, white beard interjects ďthatís wrong.Ē This angers me because Iím certain my directions are right. The directions he offers donít make any sense. Iím not sure if heíll listen to me or this other guy.

    Iím in some apartment? I think it is late at night or early the next morning when Melissa shows up. I know sheís been out somewhere with Carlos and I think Kestlie. Thereís something about Kestlie calling out but changing her story from something about family to something about not being able to get home. Carlos is here and I assume heís called out too.

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