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    Tuesday, June 23

    by , 06-26-2020 at 06:15 AM (109 Views)
    I am outside and in some body of water, maybe a small lake. There is a stone wall that I and some others are jumping into the water from. I think it or part of it is mostly submerged though? Now, Iím looking at a stone arch - like a doorway - with a tree behind it. There is an older man who climbs the arch and then starts climbing the tree too. I guess heís going to be jumping from up there. Now I think thereís something about him getting stuck and falling. I see him lying on the ground.

    I am about to play a game with a guy about my age who is unfamiliar to me. I know that this is a 200 year rivalry? and so I become somewhat anxious. The guy is darker skinned and much heavier than me, which worries me. The game begins now, and itís like air hockey, except on the ground and with a stone? puck a foot or two across. We can only use our feet to move it, and I grasp the siding of the small arena for more force. I easily score goal after goal until I think thereís no way heíll be able to come back.
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    Tags: game, lake, tree, water