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    Tuesday, March 10

    by , 03-15-2020 at 05:52 AM (155 Views)
    I am in a boat (very similar to if not the same as Dad’s old fishing boat) with 2-3 others. The lake we are on looks like Pyramid, albeit smaller and with a deeper, cleaner blue. The guy driving this boat has short and coarse gingery blond hair and a detached expression on his face as he maneuvers this machine absolutely recklessly. I feel the vibrations from the thin floor as he speeds over the water. I am grossly aware of how close to nothing is separating me from the water and the extent of damage this speed could cause. I bear down as he nears a sizable rock barely protruding from the surface and instead of turning to the right turns towards the shore. The momentum carries us across the sand and up and off a slight incline. This goes on for a while, him recklessly driving the boat, on both land and water.

    (fragment) I am outside what I think is Kat’s house. I stand outside the back glass slider door, in swim trunks, dripping wet. Kat opens the door and I say “I’ll need a towel”. She leaves and is gone for longer than I expected. I wonder if how I phrased that was rude and/or if I was supposed to bring my own towel.

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    Tags: boat, water