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    Tuesday, March 12

    by , 03-19-2019 at 06:39 AM (379 Views)
    I am somewhere and by Brad Zugle (with short hair). He is saying something about my online application to BaseCamp. I do recall an image of what looks like a Facebook posting. It says something about ‘Ryan’ (it being hyperlinked), but there was no last name, so I wasn’t certain if it was about/for me. It also seems like it was a while ago. I just ask him the best way to submit it. Now I am in the climbing gym?, though it looks more like a small living room and/or Rocksport’s foyer. Brian Sweeney is here, and I talk to him about it. He just seems aloof. The team is here too. I’m doing some pull ups on the hangboard, then I have someone help me with leg throws. I end up doing more than I thought I would, pushing past the burn and really trying my hardest. I want to get back into it and back into shape starting today. I think that I’d be in the climbing gym until about 7 and then have some free time after that. I am now with the team at a park. It seems dim out. I am supposed to be watching over them. Right now, they are running around. Someone has some remote controlled object that flies around. It looks like a cup? but comes apart into many little, connected pieces and then imperceptibly back together. One of them has climbed up pretty high on a fence. I’m thinking about how I should have them come down or it could make me look bad.

    I am with Sage and Guy. We’re on our phones, and there’s something about not hearing from Skye and/or her not posting anything. I am fairly certain she has died, though I don’t really want to say it. I feel a very real pang of sadness.

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