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    Tuesday, May 19

    by , 06-01-2020 at 06:00 AM (189 Views)
    I am with Melissa at Dadís. I say Ďat Dadísí, but it looks like it is the kitchen and then absolutely nothing else around it, just kind of a barren expanse/void. It seems like itís really early in the morning, and Iím making food and getting ready for work. Iím making spaghetti, and when I put the noodles in the pot Melissa mentions how thereís lots of ĎZoe hairí. I think I just say Ďnoí because I donít care or because Iím kind of embarrassed. Itís now ready and Iím putting it in two containers but also eating some because I realize I need breakfast, which leaves a smaller portion than I wanted. I look over and Melissa is scrolling through her phone. She takes a while to respond, or just doesnít, which causes me to become very angry. I shove some of the tupperware, and then I can tell that she knows Iím irritated. I think I am only wearing boxers.

    I am on a plane with Makayla. Itís crowded and everyone wears a mask. Sheís talking to a boy about her age and I amicably join.

    I am blissfully rising up and floating through a clear blue sky.

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