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    Tuesday, May 3

    by , 05-19-2022 at 12:22 AM (115 Views)
    Melissa and I are meeting Brooke somewhere. Itís late, 11pm exactly. The place is a bar like Flowing Tide. It has the two divided sides, but then thereís a curtain we go past into another portion. I never knew this section was here. I start looking at the drink menu, which has a ton of beer options. I donít know what to get. Also, I think we were at a house (probably Brookeís auntís) earlier or after this?

    I am bouldering at Basecamp. It feels good and fairly easy. The problems are designated by colored holds, which the walls are crowded with. I try one with a bunch of crimps. I then try something in the cave. I notice people watching from the perimeter of the mat.

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    Tags: bar, beer, climbing