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    Tuesday, November 9

    by , 05-04-2022 at 11:28 PM (160 Views)
    Iím with Jessica and Julia somewhere. A random man is bringing us to his house, I think for a party? Iím not sure how we found this man or vice versa, and I think there is a vague acceptance that this isnít the safest thing to do. I think he is driving us there and we approach the place. The house is massive, on a huge stretch of land. We look at each other in awe. Itís dark out and the house is lit from the front and the ground, making it even more impressive. It looks more like the White House than an average house. Palatial is the best way to describe it; there is even a toroidal water feature in the front with a massive planter in the center. There are marble steps and the landscaping is immaculate. It also feels like we are fairly far away from anything else. Inside now, the place is completely empty. I think the man has also disappeared. I start exploring. Every room is impossibly clean, like a model. The floor plan is open, yet complex. It seems corners serve to divide space more than do walls. There are multiple floors and I keep ascending. There is one room with a tan couch against the wall and a small, old TV awkwardly in the corner. I imagine sitting on the couch and having to turn to see the TV. I notice that all of the TVs in this place are antiquated.

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    Tags: driving, house