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    Tuesday, September 21

    by , 04-16-2022 at 07:35 PM (90 Views)
    I am at some event that is fairly crowded. The area is indoors and unfamiliar. It almost looks like a large barn or just has similar décor. The crowd is currently transitioning outdoors, but I’m heading in the other direction, when I run into Sage’s parents. I start talking to them and her mom apologizes for her dad, who has been drinking all day/since ‘early’. He slurs something about it being the 4th of July, spilling a bit from his glass onto her mom. I tell him no worries, I get it. They continue on, and I watch her dad slightly stumble.

    I am in what seems to be a very empty hotel. The place is very dim and seems taller than it is wide. The rooms are actually little alcoves with only a mattress and a curtain to close them off. They’re only about 5’x5’ and very close together. I don’t see a single one occupied. I go a few floors up to what seems to be the top. There’s a single room and it feels a little larger than the others. I crawl onto the bed and wait for Melissa. I think we’re going to have sex here since it feels like we can get away with it. Now, a very large family approaches and stops outside, making it clear this is their room. I can’t believe it’d be this one out of the many, but I coolly play it off and leave.

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    Tags: drinking, hotel, sex