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    Wednesday, February 16

    by , 05-18-2022 at 07:24 PM (92 Views)
    I am somewhere outside with Stella. The place reminds me of Apple Hill - a pretty outdoor space with some buildings and outdoor stands. Right now we are the only ones at a booth selling homemade dog treats. It seems like Ive gotten pulled in because Im being nice and because its something wed actually use with Stella. The girl (around my age) has the treats out on a silver tray. I notice prices next to it - $40 and $50 for some quantities, which I think seems expensive. She tells me about them, then waits expectantly. I pick out a kind to buy because it feels kind of awkward not to. Now, I realize Stella has walked away to the other side of the booth. I go look and see her at a short fence, meeting two dogs on the other side. Shes being very calm and she eventually just walks away from the fence.

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    Tags: stella