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    Wednesday, February 17

    by , 03-07-2021 at 07:36 AM (45 Views)
    I am in a building and looking for the bathroom. I find it and upon walking in discover that the three or so stalls are all occupied. This I can ascertain from the slight gaps between wall and door. Continuing around a corner I find that this next row of ~10 stalls is completely occupied too. At one point, I think it slightly odd that not even one is empty. I arrive into an even larger space in this same bathroom now (probably at least the size of a large living room). It is full of at least two rows of Ďtoiletsí that look like rectangular pits in the ground. They are very close together with no dividing elements. These are crowded too and are being used, for defecation only, without reserve. My need seems to be pressing, so I squat over one, or maybe itís more so kneeling. I notice that itís no longer a pit, but a brown towel. Iím not sure how everyone is doing this, but I canít bring myself to do it.

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    Tags: bathroom