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    Wednesday, February 27

    by , 03-04-2019 at 09:26 PM (161 Views)
    I am walking through a city. This city looks like downtown but is supposed to be NYC I think. I’m thinking that it looks familiar and then sure enough, I see a ‘Libby’ street. Now, Mom and Makayla are with me and we’re in an area that seems a little less congested. I don’t see any people, and I hadn’t earlier either. The only person we pass is a thin guy who is walking slowly and looks a little tweaked out. He’s muttering to himself and I think also hissing. I pick up a stray, sharp rock just in case. He ends up walking right behind us and then talking to me. He’s pretty incoherent, but also threatening enough to where I slam the rock against his forehead twice. It doesn’t look like it made a mark or an effect. The guy just seems totally out of it.

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