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    Wednesday, July 17

    by , 07-24-2019 at 07:29 PM (65 Views)
    I am at work. It seems very dark, like all the lights are out or the power is out. There is a known shoplifter (the girl from yesterday who crammed clothes in a purse and went out the salon doors) who I think is coming out of a fitting room and/or heading for a door. I notice that she has a newer looking backpack with brighter colored stripes. I assume there is stolen merchandise in it, so I go up to her and tell her to just get it all out of there. She insists that she doesn’t have anything. She holds out a green toothbrush and she’s saying she got either it or the backpack from Walmart. *Right at this point I am awakened by Melissa and her alarm.

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    Tags: stealing, work