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    Wednesday, July 20

    by , 08-01-2022 at 12:38 AM (182 Views)
    Iím in some house - I guess it is mine or mine and Melissaís. Erika and Mason from work are here. It seems dim or dark out and they are on this large couch in what feels like a small living room or den. It also feels like itís upstairs. They are both just on their phones. I notice another, unfamiliar girl on the floor, on her phone as well. She is wearing only a shirt and underwear. I realize that the three of them are going to be staying the night. I think of where Iím going to sleep and then remember I have a bedroom here. I think of offering to sleep on the couch, but it doesnít make much sense. The couch is an L shape, and I go find something to put next to the ottoman to make a square sleeping space. Whatever I find is a good couple inches too short, but I think they can fill it in with blankets or something.

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    Tags: house