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    Wednesday, July 24

    by , 08-03-2019 at 05:59 PM (95 Views)
    I am meeting Melissa at some tap house. I walk in and survey the place, as it is new to me. It is a long building and somewhat dim. The bar counter stretches along the wall to my left; there are tables along the (brick?) wall to my right. The place feels casual and homey. Before I can get much further, I notice Melissa to my right, seated facing towards me at the first table in. We meet up and then I go up to the counter. The man behind it seems friendly and patient with me taking my time to choose something. I’m deciding between a light lager and a ‘sweet red ale’, both of which I think are from familiar breweries. I think the red is supposed to be like a Flanders red, so I go with that one. It comes out in a chalice like pint glass that looks a little frosty. The beer is a deep, dingy red/maroon. I taste it, and it is indeed sweet, almost cloyingly, but not quite. It is unique.

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    Tags: beer