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    Wednesday, June 9

    by , 08-12-2021 at 05:29 AM (159 Views)
    I have killed Ryan. Iím not sure whatís happened up until this point, but we are in some house and I am on top of his prostrate body. I have a belt around his neck and tighten it as hard as I possibly can. With my other hand I fend off his initially struggling arms. Thereís a brief moment of resistance that I almost think I wonít overcome, until I squeeze so hard that I hear something sickeningly break. After that moment he is limp and no more. At the same time either he or I am vomiting, watery orange and voluminous. There is now relief and dread that it is over. I think I put the body in some place or another. Iím now outside Momís house with Makayla. I tell her I need to tell her something and say ďI killed Ryan.Ē Her eyes widen and there is no disbelief, just fear and, I think, panic. She asks what Iíve done with the body, and we start walking to visitor parking. There is a garbage can that I must have put it in. She mentions my fingerprints being on it. Mentally I concede, knowing itís only a matter of time before Iím found out. Now I am walking back to the house with Mom. She seems generally happy and I worry about her reaction, both at losing him and at what Iíve done.

    *Despite my feelings towards Ryan, this was a disturbing dream to relate.

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    Tags: death, killing