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    Wednesday, March 3

    by , 03-17-2021 at 11:13 PM (93 Views)
    Iím going through an IníNíOut drive through with Mom in the passengerís seat and I think Makayla in the back. This one doesnít look like any Iíve been to - it seems too small and dingy. The menu is also incredibly tiny and therefore hard to see, so itís good that I know what weíll want without having to look at it. I order Mom a #1 with a chocolate shake and myself a #4. *Iím still in the middle of ordering when Iím cut off and awakened by my alarm going off.

    Iím either at a Grateful Dead show or watching a video of one. Iím mainly, or only, seeing a fairly young (mid 1970s?) Jerry and Phil. At one point I am so close that I can see their teeth in great detail, Philís being thick and wide and Jerryís being tall and skinny. They are each singing and playing with vigor. The song seems fairly long and jammed out. Now, I am seeing a setlist, I think online. It has track times, so I see that indeed some songs got pretty long - around 16 minutes. At least one title I didnít recognize, which is very uncommon, if it ever happens, for me.
    *Listening to Furthur last night, I was thinking about Philís singing.

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