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    Wednesday, November 23

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:41 PM (112 Views)
    Iím with Melissa in our apartment (it doesnít look like it really does, but it does feel like the same floor plan and orientation, upstairs, in the building). There is a knock at the door and I go look through the peephole. I see a burly man at the bottom of the stairs with one of his hands in a pocket. The position and bulk of it lead me to believe that itís a gun. I donít do anything and then the man and now two more behind him start up the stairs. Somehow, they donít end up coming in, simply because the doorís locked? Iíve called the police and what looks more like a detective is now here talking with me. Weíre downstairs and the area looks more like some kind of public space (I think of the marina for some reason).

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