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    Wednesday, November 28

    by , 12-31-2018 at 07:59 PM (292 Views)
    I am outside, on some seaside cliff. It is dark out, but there is enough moonlight to sense the colors of things and to see the sea gently churning below. I can see the dark mass of shapes floating atop, swaying with the waves. I assume that they are sea turtles. Now, I am in the water, swimming alongside a girl about my age or a little older who seems familiar. These creatures are close, larger than I thought, and seem to have thinner bodies and longer limbs than turtles. The current seems to keep me right close to this girl and the creatures. It is now made known to me that these are not turtles but some kind of frog. For whatever reason, I do not like this. I express this and try to swim away. We end up standing on the fine sand beach.

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    Tags: ocean, water