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    Wednesday, November 6

    by , 11-06-2019 at 10:47 PM (75 Views)
    I am at work when I see a woman come in the Sephora doors, quickly grab two items in Sephora, and then walk out and through the mall doors. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that I didnít really have time to do anything. Now, I am at some outdoor event where there are a bunch ot tents/booths. I notice the woman at one of them what looks like the two items right by her. I go up and confront her about it, and she gives me some excuse of not knowing she had to pay for them inside the store. I offer for her to go back and pay for them now, and she actually starts coming back. I get the idea to just take her back to the office and apprehend her as a shoplifter since I technically have all the steps. She actually comes into the office and sits down. Iím wondering if everything will look okay on video, just in case.

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    Tags: stealing, work