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    DJ'ing at Ibiza beach party

    by , 11-30-2010 at 06:06 PM (441 Views)
    DJ'ing at ibiza beach party(DILD)


    Even though it's a normal school day, I set an extra alarm clock on my iPod at 6:00 AM so I could try to have a WBTB/WILD. When I woke up, I first watched a video of Tiesto playing "Conscindo", and then while trying to WILD, incubated the scene as described below:

    DJ'ing at ibiza beach party (successful lucid)
    method: (WBTB)/DILD
    time: 6:15 AM
    incubated scene:
    standing behind a DJ booth on a beach party on Ibiza, crowd in front of me, sea sunset in the background.

    I failed to WILD because of some noises from downstairs, however
    when I eventually fell asleep and entered a regular dream, I still heard the noise,which made me naturally become aware I was dreaming. (first time lucid in 6 months, not a big shock though)

    I memorized the incubated scene and immediately, I was there. The crowd wasn't very clear (I guess it's just too much for my subconscious when the dream isn't that vivid), however I could see it was there, along with my DJ gear and a nice sea sunset at the background. I was playing One from Swedish House Mafia and mixed it into Conscindo, just like Tiesto was playing on the video. Even though the visuals were a bit blurry, the music was surprisingly vivid.

    When it became a bit boring, I figured I'd spawn a girl I know (also thought of that before) to my left. She stood there, and I noticed how beautiful she actually is. I took my microphone and said "That's it for now. I'll see you people tonight!" and then took the girl with me to my crib (lol yeah, I owned a villa on Ibiza). I was stupid enough to close my eyes there so the dream started fading.
    I still prefer WILD lucids because they're by far the most vivid, and I'm able to think more clearly than DILD lucids! I'm going to keep trying!

    It's quite a big accomplishment for me to have a LD on a school day though! First time ever, because normally my recall on school days just sucks.

    DV journals.
    I was at the DV forum index, and there's this column of Dream Journals to the right. There were like hundreds posted today and only a few from yesterday. I checked out a few of them, and thought about how I hated when people didn't bother to add any paragraphs and just didn't care about readability.
    (Yes, I really had a dream about this but I guess it's a good way to make a point)

    Also, I think by the fact that DJ's aren't posted in the forum anymore, people get less comments (which were actually the most encouraging thing to keeping a DJ)

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