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    I just had to share this dream.

    by , 12-29-2011 at 08:21 AM (644 Views)
    So the dream starts out with me walking through some streets , the whole city and streets where in madness i had no idea i just kept walking like a bad ass through the streets, then i go through what i seemed to call a police station where a hugeeee chunk of people were apparently evacuating and there was a little line for people to get in so im walking in the police station while everyone is exiting and some kid pushes me, i feel rage and think about hitting him but just keep walking when i get in, its this HUGEEEE patio with a shitload of containers some are stacked some are not then theres a mob coming at me and i see the kid who pushed me, i get pretty mad and soon enough we have a riot but not any normal riot. I was climbing containers like nothing, i would sort of climb them in a sort of flying way, so me and this kid were fighting we were climbing and fighting, and sometimes my view would change to other peoples and i remember, one transitioned to a man who had a low haircut, black jacket and a red shirt, scar on his left eyebrow. And on some containers there would be fences charged with electricity so the grownups would get the electricity flip and fight and flip and fight. So just as i had the kid i was fighting in sight he starts walking away. So i jump off the container and start walking there. They had all vanished i was in this courtyard all alone i was walking alone hearing my footsteps trying to make it to the entrance, it was a pretty long walk. Once i get to the entrance i know why everyones panicking A HUGEEE alien spaceship comes crashing into a building i was just watching it crash and standing there while i guess "my dad" in the dream which was nothing like my real life dad, but i had a feeling he was, he was sitting on a chair watching really astonished. So i look behind me and i see this guy a mage from skyrim handling the spaceship with a scroll that gives out icycles so i grab the ice and figure it out , then the dream ends.

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