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    Those aren't fireworks

    by , 03-20-2017 at 01:48 PM (148 Views)
    night of March 19

    I was visiting a family. They were either distant relatives or family friends. I knew them but not well. I stayed for a night. The home was out in a desert basin. Flat as far as the eye could see with a range of mountains in th distance. Their own little oasis. They had a large home for a large family. A few children or maybe grandchildren were there. At one point they showed me their basement downstairs. It was their play area-- for reading or board games and other fun. The kids would take their iPads and laptops down there to play as well.

    The next morning I was getting ready to leave. I was sad about going. They asked if I wanted to eat some ice cream before I left. Then joked it was hours to the closest ice cream shop and they didn't have any there. They also seemed reluctant to have me go. We were standing out by my rental car. The mother said something about a realtor or someone coming to look at the house. Someone of authority. Not exactly welcome.

    About that time we heard an engine whining in the distance. Really being pushed. Sound carried across the flat land. We all looked at each other a bit puzzled. It was around that time we heard what sounded like a canon going off. We saw 10-15 trails go in to the sky. It was early morning or dusk-- the sky was relatively dark. These red trails like fireworks streaked up in to th sky. And then in the distance-- hundreds of miles, we saw a bright orange cloud lift from the ground. It was mushroom shaped. And the mood changed dramatically. And the whine of that engine in the distance was more ominous.

    About that time one of the red dots in the sky impacted near the mountain range and we saw the cloud racing acrossed the desert. "Get inside!" Screeched the father and we all ran toward the door. I don't remember how, but next thing I knew we were inside holding lanterns and climbing down in to the basement. In case the lights went out.

    I was with the young kids and ushering them in, cooing and promising it would be alright. And then we waited. The kids realized first that the internet was down. We hadn't even heard anything.

    We sat down in the basement and wondered what it was like upstairs. Eventually we opened the door and looked out. The house was dark. With nightfall. But there was an orange glow coming from outside. Several windows were broken and there were holes in the curtains covering them. It was like glowing embers lit the night sky. We then wondered what happened to the person in the vehicle coming and heard a voice from the couch say "I'm right here".

    Everything was covered in soot and ash and outside the world was orange and burned.

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